Union J to release dolls, toys and puzzles. POP BITS.

POP BITS. We always thought George Shelley was so cute, we just wanted to put him in our pocket and carry him around with us all day. But, unfortunately, George Shelley is not pocket-sized and is actually quite man-sized. As we are not an owner of those large cargo pants with massive pockets (anymore), we were unable to put George in our pocket… until now!

Union J have partnered with Vivid (the toy makers) to launch a whole range of child friendly Union J toys! How amazing is that!? The collection will include dolls (which solves our putting-George-in-our-pocket conundrum), games and puzzles! It looks like Vivid will be to Union J, what Claire’s Accessories is to One Direction!

The new range of Union J stuff is set to be released in January 2014, which is around the same time as the boys tour. Perhaps the Chinese Calendar should think of renaming 2014 the Year of Union J? POP BITS OUT.

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