Union J on new album: ‘There are proper singing songs in the Sam Smith bracket’.

Sounds like it’s about to be big vocals o’clock in the Union J camp.

The boys sat down with Maximum Pop! after performing at the Big Gig 2014 on Saturday and gave us the lowdown on their new album, which is due early 2015.

“It’s a new direction for Union J,” Josh said, before describing it to be “proper singing songs in the Sam Smith and Adele bracket”.

“They’re songs you need to “sang“, not sing.” (Here’s a visual mood board of what sang-ing is all about)


Jaymi added: “It’s a nod to the music we started out with on the X Factor and this is the direction we’re sticking with now for the foreseeable future.”

“Some songs [on the new album] lend themselves to collaborations but they haven’t decided on who might be featured as yet.”

Um, someone get Mr Smith on the line?

Union J also said they’ll be premiering their new single in a couple of weeks and it will be released before the end of the year.

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