We talk to Union J’s JJ about touring with The Vamps, baby Princeton’s first concert and Josh being sexier than him.

We were very lucky and managed to grab a cheeky chinwag with Union J’s very own dilf JJ. We chatted touring with The Vamps, sexy band members and the possibility of Taylor Swift supporting the boys.

Hello JJ! We are chatting today because you have recently been announced as headliners of British Summer Time’s Family Day but before we do that, we want to ask how you, Jaymi and George are feeling after Josh was last night named one of the 100 sexiest men in the world by Heat magazine readers?

It’s amazing! He’s a great looking guy, it’s incredible for one of the band members to be named one of the hottest men in the world. In the world? Was it in the world?

It was in the world, yeah.

Oh wow, awesome. That’s amazing, that’s incredible news. Amazing.

As part of British Summer Time’s Family Day, you will be performing in front of around 65,000 people. How are you feeling about that?

It’s incredible, you know, we were lucky enough to do a concert last year and now to be named a headliner of that event is absolutely amazing, it’s a huge deal. We just want to thank British Summer Time for making us the headliners, I mean Taylor Swift’s on the day before us and we’re headlining the Family Day. It’s just gonna be a fun day, hopefully there’ll be good weather.

Will Princeton be coming along?

Yeah, I think so. He’s going to his first proper concert this Friday at The O2 so, I’d love to bring him along to that too. 100%, I’d absolutely love him to be at the Hyde Park gig.

As well as yourselves, Britain’s Got Talent winners Collabro will also be performing and there will be appearances from SpongeBob SquarePants, Bart & Homer Simpson and Shaun The Sheep. So we were wondering, if Union J could put themselves in any cartoon, which would they choose and why?

Do you remember a cartoon called Recess? Probably that. Only because we’re all kind of individual and we all get up to mischief and stuff. I’d be TJ.


You’re currently on tour with The Vamps, how are you finding the tour so far?

It’s amazing. Doing a tour is the best part of the job. You know, going around to arenas and performing in front of thousands of people each night and seeing the fans because obviously certain fans don’t get to see us very often so doing something like this is giving us the chance to see them and vice versa. It’s a really special time.

Is there any backstage gossip that you can spill to us?

Not so far to be honest. I think towards the end of the tour we’ll go on a night out with the boys and there’ll probably be more to gossip about but at the moment, no. We’re just getting ourselves into the routine and stuff like that. They’re lovely guys and when we do see them we have a laugh. So far, so good.

If you had to snog, marry, date and avoid the Vamps boys, how would you play it?

I wouldn’t like to avoid any of them. I would… snog James. No, I’d snog Brad. Marry… I would marry James. And probably avoid Tristan, only because I know Tristan’s in a long term relationship. And then I’d date Connor because I think Connor would be a laugh on a date.

We’re absolutely obsessed with The Tide who are acting as support acts on this tour, as you’re coming up to your third year in the boyband game now, what advice would you give to them or any other new band starting out?

To just work hard. To be honest, they’re doing an amazing job. It was their first ever concert in Glasgow in front of like 10-15,000 people and they’re just smashing it. They’re great musicians and I think they’re gonna have a great future. And they’re lovely guys as well so just keep your feet on the ground, don’t take anything for granted. Stay grounded and work hard.

Dick & Dom and Sam & Mark are both also making appearances at the BST Family Day but we want to know which pair Union J think are funnier?

I love both of them but we’ve done a few more bits with Sam and Sam is hilarious, we’ve done a few more bits with them so I’d have to say Sam & Mark.

Horrible Histories will also be on hand to give a comical re-telling of times past. If you could re-visit any historical era, which would you choose?

The 1800s. I just love the clothing and stuff, the fashion was sick back then. Or no, actually the 1970s would be kind of cool, the hippy age would be really cool. Actually no I’m gonna say the 1800s. Or the Roman times, something like that would be sick.

There will also be the chance for teens to meet some of their favourite YouTubers such as Bethan Leadley and Helen Anderson at the event. If Union J had their own YouTube channel – what would they do apart from sing?


I think we’d just be ourselves because we get up to so much stuff on the road and just being ourselves would be quite amusing. We’ve always said it’d be cool to have a camera in the van because we have laughs all the time so I think we’d just be ourselves to be honest.

Acts such as Taylor Swift, The Who, Blur and Kylie Minogue will all be performing at British Summer Time this year. If you could choose any of those acts to join you at Family Day, who would you pick?

Taylor, I’d say. Taylor’s obviously amazing so I think I’d say Taylor. She’s performing just the day before us and I think it’ll be incredible. It’s a shame she’s not on our day – maybe one day she’ll support us (laughs) but I’ll probably head down on the Saturday and watch her to be fair.

We are still loving your latest album ‘You Got It All’ at Maximum Pop! and were wondering if you have any more singles planned from it?

We’re not 100% sure on what the next single’s going to be but we’ve got a few ideas. We do have a favourite song on the album which we might drop but we’re not 100% sure. We’re just deciding if it’s going to be a brand new song, we haven’t decided yet, but we do have a few songs on the album that we have ideas for which could actually so we’ll see.

Thank you very much for chatting to us today, bye!

Thanks so much, speak to you later.

Union J will be playing Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park on 28 June. Tickets available at

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