Union J’s first book: 5 Things we want to see…

It’s easy to see why things seemed a bit quiet for Union J in the months following X Factor – not only have they been busy working on their first album – including forthcoming lead single ‘Carry You’ – they’ve also been writing a book!

Due to hit the shelves in Autumn, the Union J Story promises to tell the real story of how the artists formerly known as Triple J and George Shelley got together, and their journey from X Factor finalists to (probable) world-conquering superstars. 

Here are 5 things we want to see:

George Shelley1George Shelley’s Haircare Tips

A cross between a birds nest and an 80s mullet in a wind tunnel is a tough look to carry off, but George Shelley officially has the most impressive barnet in pop at the moment. Having tried and failed to emulate the look, MP demands to know how he does it.

2Jaymi’s Top Five Gay Icons

We love that Jaymi has proudly flown the flag about his sexuality from day one, proving that pop stars no longer need to live a lie to top the charts. But we want to know more – is he team Kylie or team Madonna? Gaga or Britney? Who’s he supporting in this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race? These are the important questions!

Christopher Maloney3The truth about Christopher Maloney

The Scouse warbler beat Union J into the finals by just 0.6% of the vote. If the rumours about him being a monstrous diva behind the scenes are true, dishing a few home truths in this book might be the perfect opportunity for revenge…

Josh & JJJosh & JJ’s Favourite Things

From Robbie Williams to Harry Styles, every boyband has a breakout star – and so far for Union J it’s looking like a two-horse race between gorgeous George and sensitive Jaymi. But what about Josh & JJ? Hopefully this book will give us a chance to find out more about the Jedward-haired half of the group. 

JJ Shirtless5Shirtless corner 

Well, we’re only human…



Will you be first in line to pick up Union J’s forthcoming literary masterpiece? What would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section, you never know who might be reading!

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