Union J unveil new book cover. POP BITS.

POP BITS. Despite the fact we’ve known them for less than a year, Union J are fast becoming one of our favourite boyband and we’re very excited to be able to read all about their upbringings and their lives before they found fame in their first book ‘Our Story’ when it’s released on September 26- here is some other stuff we’d like from the book too.

All week we’ve been teased with snippets of the cover and now we have the full thing, and we must say, the boys are looking very nice! The cover shows the boys in full ‘moody boyband’ pose with cheeky boy George just giving a hint of a smile (of course it would be cutie George that let them down).

With stiff competition from Kimberley Walsh’s autobiography also being released on the same day – we’re wondering if the boys will be able to ‘carry’ this all the way to the top of the book charts? We just have one request: Signing please, boys! POP BITS OUT.

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