One Year of Union J- Our favourite moments

This weekend, last year’s X Factor finalists Union J celebrated the one year anniversary of their formation so here at MP! Towers we decided to reminisce over our fave Union J moments from the past year, and have narrowed it down to this…

1Back where it all began: The auditions!

Just over a year ago a band called Union J didn’t even exist. There was Triple J (consisting of Josh, JJ, and Jaymi), and a solo artist named George Shelley. The two acts both wowed the judges in their first auditions and also left a massive impression on us too! If you missed out on the first auditions or just need to re-live those moments again then have a butcher’s below:

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P.S: We still love the way George says “royde”.

2 Union J are brought together for Judges’ Houses

After both acts were knocked out at the bootcamp stage of the competition *sad face*, X Factor executives decided to bring Triple J back and add new member George Shelley *happy face*, and thank the Lord (or Louis Walsh) they did! The newly-formed boyband then treated us to a performance of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ which sent them sailing through to the live shows!

3 Jaymi Hensley reveals he is gay.

Here at MP! Towers, we think that one of the charms of Union J is that their ordinary boys and we all know people like them. That’s why it was a breath of fresh air that amongst all the PR trained, ‘perfect’ image boybands, Union J were different and one particular member was honest with his fans right from the beginning. During the live shows, band member Jaymi came out and discussed his sexuality, telling The Sun: “I don’t think anyone should have to hide who they are…If I can help just one kid out, that’s enough for me.” We’re sure you helped a lot of people out, Jaymi!

Their Red Nose Day dare!

In March this year, Union J helped Comic Relief, a great charity that helps families in Africa and the UK, and on Red Nose Day, queen of the shaved head Jessie J dared the lads to eat a number of vile dishes for charity. The boys digested pickled eggs, jellied eels and even worms. Their facial expressions still give us mega-LOLZ to this day! You can catch their dares below. We bet their breaths smelt lovely after that one…

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5‘Carry You’ becoming one of our summer jams!
In similar fashion to former X Factor boybands JLS and One Direction, Union J released their debut single in the summer. We instantly loved ‘Carry You’ as soon as we heard it and just knew it’d be big for the boys. The single ended up charting at number 6 on the singles chart and kick-started the career of the band, who even perform the smash hit in new movie Kick Ass 2! We know you’ll want to listen to the song again and again once you’re reminded of it so it’s posted below. Oh boys, you can carry us anytime that you want!

We feel like proud parents looking through a photo book after all that! Make sure you let us know what your favourite Union J moment so far is too.

Congratulations boys, we wish you all the best for another year!

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