Even if you haven’t read the rest of the ‘Fallen’ series, ‘Unforgiven’ is a brilliant love story.

A romance like no other, another tale of love-crossed angels from the the fantastic Lauren Kate and set in the ‘Fallen’ universe to boot. See what MP!er Holly thought of Cam’s story in ‘Unforgiven’.

IMG_6579 (1)Name: Holly Dean

Have you read anything by Lauren Kate before? If not, are you more likely to now?/ If you have, how does this compare? No, I haven’t read any of her books before and I feel I should clarify for anyone wanting to read the book but not the 5 previous books in the ‘Fallen’ series – I would advise it as okay to read as a standalone. This is because I personally hadn’t read the series but I found out that the previous books follow a different couple than the couple in this book. If you do want to read this series obvious don’t pick up this book first, read in chronological order, but if, like me, you like the idea of this book, I feel like you can read it as a standalone, but be aware that you might not understand some past character relationships and may struggle with character development. The past of the couple in this book (Cam and Lilith) is covered within this book though.

Who would you cast to be Cam in movie for ‘Unforgiven’? Jake T Austin, mainly as this is who looks most like the character I imagined for Cam.

On a scale of “eh” to “OMGFEELSICANTEVEN”, describe how you felt about Cam & Lilith’s relationship? I really shipped their relationship and this book really frustrated me as it felt like as soon as the relationship was getting anywhere something got in the way; typical YA. It felt as if as soon as something was going to happen between the characters someone got in the way, this did frustrate me as obviously I just wanted them to get together, I felt as if this was a good technique to make me want to read more and also conveyed Cam’s feelings on how frustrated he must have felt with the way their relationship was.

Can you pick a song that would go best with this book? I can whittle it down to three ideal songs that come into my mind thinking of this book and they are:
Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes
Jet Black Heart by 5SOS
Catch Fire by 5SOS
I just think that each of these songs represent Cam’s feelings in the book perfectly. I cannot begin to convey how much these songs ignite feels for Cam’s and Lilith’s relationship so I would definitely recommend listening to them as the lyrics relate.

Can you remember your favourite line or scene? My favourite scene is when Lilith see’s where Cam is living and sees him in a completely different light. I love it so much as Lilith starts to feel more comfortable with Cam but it also shows how we never know what’s going on in other people’s lives.

My favourite line was probably “He had so much more to say and so little time for it to matter.” I feel like this just sums up the entire book perfectly.

Rate out of 10. 8/10 – mainly because reading fantasy is a new thing for me so I’m still trying to figure out whether I enjoy the genre or not. I did really enjoy this book and couldn’t put it down, I feel like I would have marked it higher if I had read the previous five books as I would of understood the side characters and the world a lot more.

Want to give it a read yourself? Get your copy here.

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