MP!er Kavita loved Cam in the ‘Fallen’ series and is glad to see him get his own book in ‘Unforgiven’.

Another title, from the queen of forbidden romance, to make your heart flutter and your breath catch. This book takes a different character from the ‘Fallen’ series, Cam, and looks at his story. See what MP!er Kavita thought about it below.

Name: Kavita Chohan

Have you read anything by Lauren Kate before? If not, are you more likely to now? / If you have, how does this compare? I have read some of Lauren Kate’s previous books. I have read the entire ‘Fallen’ series, which ‘Unforgiven’ is a spin off of. I really loved the ‘Fallen’ series and Cam in particular, so it was nice to see him get his own story and happy ending.

Who would you cast to be Cam in a movie of ‘Unforgiven’? This is a tough one. I would probably have to say Brant Daugherty because he has that bad-boy vibe surrounding him, although I do like Harrison Gilbertson, who has actually been cast as Cam in the ‘Fallen’ movie.

On a scale of “eh” to “OMGFEELSICANTEVEN”, describe how you felt about Cam & Lilith’s relationship? I found their relationship to be very endearing. You could really see how much Cam loved Lilith and, although their relationship moved quite quickly, it didn’t feel like the typical insta-love we normally see.

Can you pick a song that would go best with this book? The first song that pops into mind is Nathan Sykes’ Over and Over Again’. I think the song really captures Cam and Lilith’s story well.

Can you remember your favourite line or scene? “His hands grasped her waist and lifted her until she could have sworn that his feet had come off the ground, too; that they were floating up above the creek, above the trees, above the burning hillside, into the dense tangle of stars, about to kiss the moon.”

Rate out of 10. 8.5/10.

You can read Kavita’s full review on her blog, Avid Bibliophile, here.

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