MP!er Christa casts Alex Pettyfer as the perfect Cam for a ‘Fallen’ series movie.

From the illustrious author of the ‘Fallen’ series comes yet another tale of tortured and love-crossed angels. In ‘Unforgiven’ Cam has made a bet with Lucifer, he has just 15 days to convince Lilith to love him again. Read below to find out what MP!er Christa thought about Lauren Kate’s latest serving of passionate paranormals.

Name: Christa Tjadens

Have you read anything by Lauren Kate before? If not, are you more likely to now? / If you have, how does this compare? I have read the entire ‘Fallen’ series twice, I think, as well as the novella, ‘Fallen in Love’. In contrast to ‘Fallen’, this book is written from two perspectives, which is probably for the better (if you’d only be able to read either Cam’s or Lilith’s perspective, I think the story would have become to repetitive and uninteresting. Two perspectives worked). Other than that, I’d say it’s on pretty even grounding with the other books.

Who would you cast to be Cam in movie for ‘Unforgiven’? Possibly Alex Pettyfer from a few years ago – given he’d dye his hair and grow it out a bit.

On a scale of “eh” to “OMGFEELSICANTEVEN”, describe how you felt about Cam & Lilith’s relationship? Because I’ve read the Fallen series, and I don’t think Lilith was mentioned all that much in those books, I wasn’t entirely convinced. Or at least, I didn’t feel very invested in their love story. I enjoyed reading about it though, and liked to see Cam struggle.

Can you pick a song that would go best with this book? Can’t really come up with anything, but it’s not really necessary, seeing as Lilith has already provided the soundtrack to their relationship!

Can you remember your favourite line or scene? The scene with Cam and Lilith’s little brother in the hospital.

Rate out of 10. 6.5/10

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