What gets Tyler Oakley ‘Snervous’? We have a chin wag with the YouTube phenomenon

2015 has been another incredible year for Tyler Oakley. From touring to publishing his first ever book and now a movie documentary. We were lucky enough to have a natter with the YouTube phenomenon and talk all things ‘Snervous’.

Tyler Oakley

Hey Tyler! How are you? Hey! I’m good, how are you?

We’re great, thanks! You’ve just come back from a month of no social media – how did you cope? Oh, my God! At first it was like kinda crazy to have access to no tweeting or anything! I was kinda going nuts for a couple of days but when I was doing it [the Amazing Race] I just kinda forgot because I was so busy, because I was on this constant race completing challenges so I was pretty preoccupied and forgot that I didn’t even have my phone in my hand and wasn’t even able to tweet, but the only downside was that I didn’t have my phone to take pictures. But yeah, it wasn’t that bad! I survived pretty well.

Well, we definitely missed you! So today is the day that your documentary film ‘Snervous’ comes out – how would you describe it in one sentence without giving too much away? I would say Snervous is an inside look at the ups and downs of being a YouTuber and a year in the life of me!

‘Binge’ told us everything we didn’t already know about you – could there possibly be anything else you’ve kept hidden which would be revealed in Snervous? Oh my gosh, yes! For sure! ‘Binge’ only gave like a tiny bit of me. There are so many more stories I wanna share! Ever since I wrote ‘Binge’ I’ve been dying to write more. There’s plenty more stories to share but when it came to ‘Snervous’, it was less stories and more so of like a year in the life and very behind-the-scenes and what goes on.

Lots of people know that I’ve done a tour or released a book but they don’t really know the day to day stuff or the things that happen in between uploads or podcasts or touring. There’s so much in ‘Snervous’ that I think you’ll get from it and the coolest thing was having somebody else obviously be a part of it as the director and it gives a seriously different angle through a different lens.

If the story of ‘Snervous’ could be played by an A List cast, who would play you, Queen Jackie and Corey? Oh, God! Ummm… oh my goodness! This is so hard! I would have myself cast…. umm…  I don’t know?! Who’s my celebrity doppelgänger?

Ellen DeGeneres? *Laughs* I was thinking that! Maybe! For my mom I would definitely have… I’ve always loved Sally Field. She cracks me up, she’s hilarious. She’s the mom on Mrs Doubtfire.  And I’ve always thought like she’s the best. And then Korey… it would have to be someone funny because Korey is the funniest person I know. It’d have to be someone with a quick-wit. That’s a hard question! I’m going to have to ask Korey. I’m sorry I don’t have a good answer for that!

Tyler Ellen

Well, we love the cast so far! What are the top 5 things that get you most ‘Snervous’? I think the thing I’m most scared of is people misinterpreting me, like if they think I’ve said something but I was actually saying something else. I’m also snervous around spiders. I hate spiders, I hate tarantulas, I hate bugs, that’s the number one reason I don’t like about living alone, I don’t have anyone to come over and get rid of it.

Oh my God, I think the thing I was most snervous about while on the Amazing Race was a challenge where I was walking on a tightrope in between two buildings. I know that’s like the most obscure thing, but it’s the most scariest thing I can possibly think of – trying to walk on this tiny thing. I know it’s so random but it’s scary! What else makes me snervous? *Thinks* When friends don’t reply to their texts straight away! I think “what’s wrong? What did I do?” And when my internet isn’t working! I’m like “I have no connection to the world!”

We agree on that one! The film gives us a behind-the-scenes of your life; if you could get a behind-the-scenes access on anyone’s life in the same way as we will of yours, who’s would it be? Lady Gaga! For sure, 100%! I love her and I would love to get a fly on the wall look on the life of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga

Were there any moments in the film which you weren’t so sure about or moments you wish were included? Yeah for all the movie I was like “do we have to do this?” because it was such a different angle of my life that I’ve never shared before and I was really uncomfortable and like “oh my God, this is really personal!” But I talked to the director and I talked to everyone involved and they were like “that’s why it’s so important to share it. That’s why it’s a documentary.” But yeah I would say everything. It’s very different from YouTube because it’s very honest and real and raw.

2015 has been a pretty incredible year for you – is it possible that next year will top this year? Oh my God, for sure! Every year I make a video and I recap that year and when I edit it together I think “how will next year top this year?” And that’s every single year when I edit these videos so right now I’m just like “you know what? Whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen, I’m gonna do my best to have my best year and every December I think “well, how will next year be better?” and hopefully next year I’ll feel the same.

We’re sure it will be! Thanks, Tyler! 

Snervous is out now and you can get it here 

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