New music AND a great cause! Tyler Oakley shares his ultimate ‘Pride Jams’ to raise money for LGBTQ+ youth

Tyler Oakley: YouTuber, author, podcaster and… now DJ?

Yep, you read right. Mr Oakley has been hard at work on yet another fantastic project and is releasing a CD!

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The gay rights and equality activist has created a mixtape-style CD titled ‘Pride Jams’ in order to raise money for The Trevor Project, a US organisation providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention to the LGBTQ+ youth.

The compilation consists of 12  LGBTQ+ artists and gives positive vibes in honour of celebrating Pride Month.

Talking about the CD, Tyler says: “Pride is about being unapologetically yourself, and in their music, these LGBTQ+ artists bare it all. Sometimes cool and upbeat, sometimes somber and soul-crushing, ‘Pride Jams’ offers a full range of perspectives hoping to resonate with listeners from all backgrounds.”

The CD is currently available to order online, along with a digital version being released tomorrow. There’s also a bundle version with a poster, badge and SIGNED CD! We need it all.

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To get your copy and for more info, click here.

Are you excited? Who do you think is on the tracklist? Tweet us @maximumpop while we order 43 copies.

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