Tyler Oakley and Jenna Marbles completely take over the Late Late Show.

The ‘King and Queen’ of YouTube, Tyler Oakley and Jenna Marbles both made appearances on the Late Late Show last week. Tyler Oakley has over 7 million subscribers and Jenna Marbles has over 15 million as well as radio show on Sirius XM’s Hits 1. Basically the two are literally taking over.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.40.57 PM

Isn’t her hair just like…incredible? The two did quite a few bits on the Late Late Show including a few small interviews, and a few rounds of games. When asked about what their favourite things to watch on YouTube are, Jenna replied with Ryan Hyga and cat videos, and Tyler navigated towards the infamous Instagram ‘DILFS of Disneyland’.  When asked about how they got so successful, Jenna spoke of her degree in psychology from Boston University. The more you know!

The duo also did a round of YouQuiz, a quiz about YouTube, and Nuzzle Waaa?, a game about well – nuzzling.

James Corden is literal goals isn’t he?

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Written by Julia Contorno

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