Stop what you’re doing! Ellen Degeneres talks to Tyler Oakley about THAT same-sex couple in ‘Finding Dory’

If you’re an avid social media user, you may have seen the assumptions floating around about a same-sex couple featuring in the new Disney Pixar film, ‘Finding Dory’. It’s caused a total uproar – with the LGBTQA+ and allies supporting it and homophobics, well, being childish and judging some animation. But what’s the truth – are they actually a lesbian couple? Internet royalty, Tyler Oakley, sat down with the star of the movie, Ellen Degeneres, recently to talk about the box office record breaker and lucky for us, Mr Oakley has given us a sneak peak of the interview which discusses that scene…

Not all lesbians have bad hair, guys! And not all people with bad hair are lesbians.

Either way, if two minor characters in ‘Finding Dory’ are representing the LGBTQA+ community, what’s the big deal? It’s 2016, people, let people (and animated characters) love who they want to love, pls.

So, think that Ellen’s answer is probably accurate or do you think they’re a couple? Does it even matter? Tweet us @maximumpop as we impatiently wait for ‘Finding Dory’ to hit the screens in the UK.

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