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Tyler Oakley’s book is FINALLY out! Here’s 5 reasons why we are excited to read ‘Binge’

At long last, Tyler Oakley’s book ‘Binge’ is finally out! After much anticipation, we can finally get our hands on it. Here are the top five reasons we are super excited.Tyler Oakley

  1. We get to learn so much more about our Queen 

We already know a fair bit about Tyler from the blessing that is his YouTube channel. But now, we get to learn so much more about the beauty that is Tyler Oakley. We may never see him in the same way ever again.

2. We get to read the entire chapter of ‘The One That Got Away’

If you have been following Tyler on Wattpad, you would have read snippets of the chapter ‘The One That Got Away.’ Well, the time has finally arrived for us to be able to read the entire chapter! Much excite.

3. We get to witness more of his sass

Clearly the sass master of YouTube, there is bound to be some sassiness in this book and we cannot wait to be slayed.

Tyler Oakley

4. We can feel even closer our bae

If you’ve read any autobiography before, you’ve probably felt a lot closer to the author in question after reading. Well, clearly this is bound to happen when we read ‘Binge,’ which is all about Tyler—we’ll practically be BFFs.


Tyler has already started his book tour across the states and will soon be arriving here in the UK, meaning we get to see his pretty little face in person. We are so excited that we literally cannot even.

If you weren’t excited before, you definitely should be now!

Grab Tyler’s ‘Binge’ on Amazon right now.

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