‘Tyler Oakley’s ‘Binge’ is a brilliant combination of autobiography, comedy and honesty.’ MP!er Emma shares her thoughts.

YouTube phenomenon, Tyler Oakley has just released his debut book, ‘Binge’ which talks about never before spoken about stories that you wouldn’t find on his YouTube channel.

We gave MP!er Emma a copy of the book as part of our You Review. Here’s what she thought about Tyler’s honest approach.

EmmaName: Emma Petfield
Age: 22

How would you describe Tyler’s ‘Binge’ in a sentence?  ‘Binge’ is a brilliant combination of autobiography, comedy and honesty.

Tyler relives various personal topics that have happened to him, could you relate to any? Each of Tyler’s experiences can be related to, to some extent. We’ve all felt some form of lost love and his relationship with Adam was no exception. I by no means know Tyler but I felt a great deal of sadness and empathy for him during these chapters. With regards to Tyler’s battle with his weight (on both ends of the spectrum) I related greatly to his thoughts on the matter. My own personal struggle with my weight due to medical reasons has caused a great deal of stress for me and to read about his battle is very humbling.

Do you watch Tyler’s YouTube videos? Was the book anything like you expected after you’d seen how he is online? I’ve watched Tyler’s videos for a couple of years. In all honesty, I was particularly surprised from the very first chapter by how personal the book was and beyond the ‘@TylerOakley’ persona that he distinguishes. The book did have a few chapters that could easily have been YouTube videos so there was a sense of familiarity but the book was very intimate in how much it shared with the reader. The book never deviated from Tyler’s style and I could feel his voice behind the words as I was reading. It gave the book a great sense of authenticity.

Have you ever come up with a lie to get a photo with someone you fancy? I don’t think I’ve done that but I’ve definitely pretended to take a selfie before to take a picture of someone else!

Some of the stories had us laughing for ages, which part did you find the funniest? I definitely found myself howling with laughter at one of the final chapters “Melancholy Fantasies”, still reeling from the previous chapter “Ten Cummandments”. I couldn’t contain myself when reading about Tyler’s unexpected rendezvous with a guy who had a fetish for feet.

binge-9781501117695_hrWhat do you think of the cover? Does it translate well to the stories in ‘Binge’?  I absolutely love the cover. It gives a good depiction of the basis on which ‘Binge’ comes together as a book but leaves so much of the raw moments untold. Plus if you take off the dust jacket the book is a beautiful royal purple with the title and author indented in silver.

Have you read any other YouTuber books? What do you think of them? This is my first experience with a YouTuber book as I don’t necessarily consider myself the target audience. I thought I’d potentially be a bit too old. I was pleasantly surprised by how relatable I found Tyler’s book though.

Rate out of 10. 8.5/10

Anything else you’d like to tell us about ‘Binge’? The main thing I’ve learnt from ‘Binge’ is not to take on a preconception with YouTuber books. Just because they may have been offered a book deal, not because of their literary talents or after many rejected manuscripts, doesn’t mean that the effort they put in to creating their works is any less so.

Get up to date with all Emma’s reviews on her blog here and check out her amazing YouTube videos here.

You can get your copy of ‘Binge’ here.

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