We’ll take these important life lessons from Tyler Oakley’s ‘Binge’ to the grave, ta v.much.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t become more educated when reading Tyler Oakley’s book, ‘Binge’. Yes, you read that right. ‘Binge’ is, in fact, very educational. Who said learning couldn’t be fun?


If you didn’t learn something from this book, you’re lying and you know it. Allow us to point out some of the most important lessons that Tyler had to teach…

Let your asshole live

You may just think it’s there for pooping and other stuff which doesn’t seem that important except for bodily functions, but you should give it a little TLC. It’s even okay to give it a nickname! If you can’t think of one, use one of Tyler’s: bloomin’ onion, third eye blind, black hole, Miss Piggy… though we don’t get that one…

Miss Piggy

You shouldn’t have to hide your relationship 

If you read ‘The One That Got Away’ and found that your relationship sounds very similar to the one of Tyler and Adam, you may not feel comfortable with your relationship being hidden. Sure, some people like relationships to only be known between the couple in question, but if you’re not happy with being introduced as your lover’s ‘friend’, then you need to sit down and talk to them. Is this pain worth it? Can you work it out? These are important questions you need to ask yourself and your partner.


Complaining about your favourite order being changed at a restaurant means you will get free meal. Maybe. 

We totally felt Tyler’s rage in ‘If You Can’t Beet ‘Em’ since McDonald’s recently changed our order. Tyler’s outburst in Hawaii resulted in him getting a free meal. Although we definitely don’t condone telling someone to kill themselves, a little complaint may give you a freebie. Or being kicked out of the restaurant. It’s the risk you’ve got to take.


Always check your brownies 

We think brownies are a delicious treat, but not everyone eats them for the taste. Always triple check your brownies are only full of chocolate and nuts, with no unusual ingredients or things could go terribly wrong.


Foot fetishes may not be that bad

In ‘Hopeless Toemantic’ Tyler confesses he ended up having a one night stand involving feet and surprisingly enough, he actually enjoyed it! We can’t say we’ve ever shared a similar experience, but hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it!


Abuse does not mean love

In the shortest chapter, ‘A Love Lesson’, Tyler talks very briefly about his experience with an abusive lover. Please, know that this is not a form of expression of love for you. It’s important you break off that relationship and get some help. Click here for help and advice.

Broken heart

See? We told you it’s educational! Those are just some of the valuable lessons in ‘Binge’ – so you’d be silly not to read the entire book now, right?

You can get your copy of ‘Binge’ here.

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