Troye Sivan gets Tyler Oakley to discuss THAT Hawaii incident as mentioned in ‘Binge’ on Radio 1. LOL

SPOILET ALERT: If you’ve yet to read the chapter ‘If you can’t beet ’em’ in ‘Binge’ by Tyler Oakley, please look away now. 

We’re not gonna lie, we laughed our socks off at Tyler Oakley’s beet rage in ‘Binge’ and totally feel for him – McDonald’s recently changed our favourite order and we are outraged. Cheeky chap, Troye Sivan left a message at Radio 1 for Tyler asking him to tell the world about what went down in Hawaii’s Cheesecake Factory. It’s even funnier hearing him on the radio discuss his rage.

Clearly this is something that has broken Tyler’s heart in two, because we even found his enraged tweet over a year ago  about the disgusting change in the menu.

Surely now, after being mentioned in a New York Times best seller, they can bring back the beets?!

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