Tyler Oakley tells his secrets! Tour and podcasts? We’ll be there with bells on.

Our favourite Internet king, YouTuber and all round slayer, Tyler Oakley has two secrets for us all… ooo!

Tyler has been working on two awesome projects for all us YouTube fanatics, in order to make us feel much closer to him no matter how many subscribers he has.


The first project is a #TylerOakleyTOUR! Yes, you heard that right!
There are only two tour dates available so far, and unfortunately they are not in the UK.

However, if you live in Michigan or Chicago, you are in luck!


Presale password – tyler

However, don’t worry fans around the world, Tyler mentioned in his video announcing these projects, that he will hopefully be bringing this tour all over the world. Regurlaly tweet the hashtag #TylerOakleyTour demanding (politely demanding!) the wonderful specimen that is Tyler Oakley, to come to your city on tour, he wants to know where he should come next! Slumber party time with Tyler Oakley? Yes please!


Tyler and his good friend Corey, have been working on a Podcast called Psycho Babble. These podcasts will be 30 minutes a session and will be completely unfiltered, juicy gossip session where they talk about many subjects and internet news!


The link to the first podcast is here – ( ), make sure you subscribe to hear the next podcast next week and tweet with the hashtag #PSYCHOBABBLE while you listen in to join in on the discussions and feel closer to the man himself!

Phew, now we just need Tyler to come see us.

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