We’ve gone on a little hunt and found the 22 best Twitter reactions to Zayn leaving One Direction.

It’s barely been 24 hours since the eighth wonder of the world Zayn Malik left his trusty One Direction fellows and even though our worlds are still missing a massive hole, we’ve decided to have a look through the #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik trend (guys, he’s not dead) and find 22 of the most touching, the funniest, and the whackiest reactions.


Bringing that RuPaul realness with a hella cute vine.

All day.

This little drawing gave us so many feels… and goosebumps… and maybe some tears.

It’s like the start of a horror movie isn’t it?

*gasp* We never thought of that.

We are DJ Rumba’s sister.

Not even Mother Nature can handle this anymore.

Amen sista.

Poor JJ, did you not hear? IT’S ALL ABOUT ZAYN!!!!

So much tragedy in one tweet.

We have the receipts and they’re not pretty.

We are so proud of him *sniffles*

Unfortunately so Zoella :(

Niall speaks truth.

Gurl, we feel your pain.

Err… wrong band babes.

We think the Rylan gif is the only thing that sums up how we’re feeling rn.

Hit us so freakin’ hard.


Here’s hoping Zayn got confused and thought March 25 was a made-up day.

Yeah, we’re pretty bummed about that too.

And finally, thank you very much Attitude magazine, a gallery of topless Zayn is just what we need to during all this drama.

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