Kim Kardashian’s nappy bag costs over $10,000 and Twitter reacted in the best way

Kim Kardashian is always posting blog updates on her app. From make-up tutorials to cute throwback snaps of North and showing us how we can steal her style, we can barely keep up with it all. (See what we did there)

Her latest blog post, ‘WHAT’S IN MY DIAPER BAG‘, certainly sparked a lot of attention – although, perhaps not for the reason you might think.

Turns out the people of Twitter weren’t actually interested in what’s inside (wet wipes, raisins and a pair of pyjamas if you’re interested), but rather the bag itself. A Birkin which costs over $10,000. That’s more than the price of a car and she uses it to carry around North and Saint’s nappies in. We can’t deal.

Here are some of Twitter’s best reactions to the hilarious discovery:

And finally:

Stay in school, kids.

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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