Follow, unfollow. This week say hello to James Vamps and Katy Perry, goodbye to Kanye and Ke$ha

Hello Maximum Pop! readers and welcome to ‘Follow, Unfollow’, a brand new feature that will act as your ultimate guide to which popstars you should be following and those you should be unfollowing on Twitter each week. Bursting with the latest, most amazing and, frankly, rather strange tweets, this feature may well become some kind of Bible for the Twittersphere in the future (it probably won’t but we can dream).

3 to follow:

James McVey (@TheVampsJames)
We’ve seen how much you guys like these boys, especially James, and we’re not surprised – have you seen the amount of nipple he uploads!? The boys’ group account has already cracked out over 5,000 tweets, and amassed over 500,000 followers.

Best tweet this week:
Open with caution, sweaty gym pic inside!


Katy Perry (@katyperry)
All hail the Twitter Queen! That’s right, Miss Katy Perry has recently taken over the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to become the most followed person on Twitter. Keep up to date with Katy’s career by following her today.

Best tweet this week:
Hmm, is Katy giving us any hints to her next single?

Miley Cyrus (@MileyCyrus)
Miley Ray loves Twitter just as much as the next person and with all her new crazy antics, her tweets are keeping us highly entertained! We’d hit that follow button just to see what hell comes next!

Best tweet this week:
We’re happy to see Miley is #TeamBey


3 to unfollow:

James Arthur (@JamesArthur23)
James Arthur didn’t exactly have the best 2013, did he? And most of that came down to his very bad use of everyone’s favourite social network site. Homophobia, foul language and a spat with just about everyone are the main reasons why we think you should unfollow JA.

Worst tweet this week:
He doesn’t even tweet in English anymore!


Kanye West (@kanyewest)
Kanye West, who believes himself to be God – yes, ACTUAL GOD – tweets some of the most bizarre things ever! “Sometimes I get emotional over fonts” is one of our faves. He’s only tweeted 49 times so scroll, laugh, and leave. Nothing to follow here!

Worst tweet this week:
He hasn’t even tweeted this week… how boring!

Ke$ha (@keshasuxx)
Ke$ha is one of the weirdest pop stars on the planet, there is no question about it. Thanks to Ke$ha’s 3,514,810 followers, the strange singer now owns a headdress made entirely of her fan’s teeth. We think it’s time to hit that ‘Unfollow’ button, don’t you?

Worst tweet this week:
Ermmmmm… what?

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