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THIS band have officially been named the ‘coolest band in the world’ and Twitter is going crazy


It’s official, guys and gals! A list of the ‘coolest bands in the world’ has been released and it’s got heaps of our faves on it. Wooohoo! If you ask us, that calls for one mahoosive dance-party.

Crack out the Ribena!

Google are the masterminds behind the study. In their latest survey they get to grips with the tastes and habits of Generation Z. Hmmm, you should have given us a call, Google. We’re pros at that stuff.

Anyway, back to the coolest bands. Who’s on it, you ask? Well, we’ll give you a clue. One of them are Maximum Pop! regulars.

They have a number one album, have sold over a million copies of it and (if that wasn’t enough!) have won every award under the sun including a Grammy and two MTV Music awards.


Obvs, we’re talking about Twenty One Pilots. So, if you listen to them you’re pretty darn cool!

We bet a gazillion skellingtons you won’t be able to tell apart these Twenty One Pilots songs from just ONE line!

Less than 10% of Twenty One Pilots fans have got 100% on this super difficult quiz, can you?

13 Twenty One Pilots makeup tutorials that’ll leave you anything but stressed out

Also featured on Google’s list of cool bands were some of our fave ex-emos, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco.

Oh, the nostalgia!

Drake also made the cut.

And….errr Coldplay. We’re not gonna question it. Chris Martin’s an all-round nice bloke.

Everyone in Twitter-verse is freaking out over the study. After all, this basically means we’re all ‘officially’ cool.


But we can’t help but notice a few of the coolest bands out there have been missed off the list. One Direction??? 5 Seconds Of Summer??? OMG GUYS, WHY AREN’T LITTLE MIX ON IT???

With that in mind, we’ve decided to unofficially add a band to Google’s list! Simply vote for who you think is worthy of being on it in the poll below.

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Written by Emma Matthews

Emma is a freelance journalist at MP.

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