Directioners listen up! 1D’s guitarist Dan Richards has a new band and it’s making us feel again!

You gotta help us, we’re losing our minds…


Our hearts were shattered the day One Direction announced their hiatus, and tbh we’re still trying to pick up the pieces. But, if there’s one thing that helps, it’s reminders of the good old days when 1D were a full unit and the world was at peace.


Oh hey there Mr. Familiar Face! 1D guitarist Dan Richards is back and our hearts have started thumping again.

OK he’s not with 1D, but it’s still so good to see him again. He has a brand new band called Tux Bolo and their new single is out now! Have a listen here.

We had a catch up with Dan and met the other members of the band. Here’s how that went…

Hey guys! What is the first thing we should know about your new band Tux Bolo?

Dan: Well Tux Bolo is a trio of musicians, Doug Louiselle, Lance Conrad and myself, and the band kind of formed by chance really. I met Doug a few years back at university and we kept in touch, when I was passing through Minneapolis on tour in 2015 we caught up and decided to write together, we hadn’t really planned to put anything out musically and it was more just for fun, but after meeting Lance and writing together we thought we had something good happening that needed to be shared.

Where does the name for the band come from?

Dan: We were looking for something catchy and unique sounding, however Doug came up with the name so I’ll let him explain.

Doug: Tux Bolo is what happens when you take three very different outlooks on music making, combined with a great friendship. Each member brings different elements to the table, the result is a unique point where measured meets mischievous.


What is the inspiration for your new single ‘Shame on Me’?

Lance: I feel like it sprang from a desire to capture a vibe. Like when you rendezvous at a friend’s place before going out dancing and you need a track to get the pre-party started. When we listen to it we can hear a mash-up of our own individual influences. Some unapologetically poppy lyrics, alternative drum sounds, and modern sheen.


Which current band do you most look up to?

Dan: We all have really different tastes in music, which kind of helps us create our own unique sound, I’m personally in top 40 radio stuff, so artists like Tove Lo, Flume, Nick Jonas are pretty common on my playlist.

Lance: Personally, I admire music with teeth and syncopation. If it’s too straight-laced or safe, I’m hitting skip to next track. Nao, Pomo, Solange, Flume, Jeremih, Sleepy Tom. Man, the list would be so long.

Doug: I am a fan of too many artists for many reasons, but one thing I always look for is versatility and courage. People like Dave Grohl who got famous for drumming in a rock band, then turned down a very tempting offer from a rock god Tomy Petty, to start his own project and step out front as the frontman, is a huge inspiration for me.

Where would you like to be in 10 years time?

Dan: Hopefully in a big mansion, sipping on a margarita, in a pool, haha! To be honest, just doing what I love would make me happy, making music and sharing it with people. Having played a lot of stadiums around the world with One Direction, I don’t really feel the need to play big venues, however writing a song that people are playing for years to come, that’s my goal.

What’s the biggest diva tantrum you’ve ever thrown?

Dan: I’m usually pretty chilled, you kind of need to be when you’re working with other artist or musicians, otherwise you end up being kicked out the band pretty quickly.

Doug: When I was 18, I performed at a club that insisted on us using their music equipment to streamline changeover for the band we were opening for. Of course, the amp blew out and was letting out an ear-tearing scream, so I went over, shoved the stack off the stage, and went up to the mic and yelled “Screw this sh*t!” and slapped the microphone off the stage. My parents have still not, to this day, ever brought it up.

What’s one piece of wisdom you’d offer to your 14-year- old self?

Dan: When you’re 14 you feel like there’s a lot of pressure to be a certain way from other people, but just be good at being you and don’t let anyone else tell you how you’re supposed to be, it will all work out in the end.

Lance: Be a genuine person, be humble, and always be willing to learn from differing points of view. I think that’s the secret to being a great collaborator.

Doug: Be gracious and humble. Be thankful for every opportunity, and don’t forget to learn from the negative experiences. Don’t pin your hopes and dreams on anybody but yourself.


What is your favourite memory from touring with 1D?

Dan: There’s so many it’s hard to choose, just getting to travel so many places and meet different people was an amazing experience. Though that being said, the time we performed on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘The Anchorman’ cast were there, I fan-girled pretty hard you could say.

What was your fave 1D song to play?

Dan: I was a big fan of playing ‘Little White Lies’, got to rock out to that and play a solo, but also ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, just because it was a great tune with a good vibes.

Which member of 1D would you be most likely to date?

Dan: That’s like trying to ask me which Power Ranger is the best, they’re all good for different reasons, so I couldn’t choose!

Thanks for chatting with us, guys! Good luck with the new single. Let us know what you think of Tux Bolo’s new single using the comments box below.

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