Tulisa is writing a novel. POP BITS.

POP BITS. Tulisa hasn’t really had the easiest year, has she? She got kicked off the X Factor, was tied up in that drug scandal, was tricked into believing she was going to be part of a Bollywood film and even had an intruder attempt to break into her house. It seems the pop lifestyle is getting a little bit too much for her and so Tulisa has turned to the calming role of novelist.

Just like The Sats’ Mollie King, Tulisa has decided to pen her own novel and has revealed that it will be called ‘Sky’. It’s the story of South London school girl “who is destined for stardom”. It sounds like it may just be ‘Honest’ (that’s T’s autobiography) with a few tweeks on the characters names. ‘Sky’ is due for release on September 26th.

We understand Tulisa is at a hard point in her life but the perfumes, the autobiographies and now writing books that are based on her own life… It sounds like Tulisa is just one Sky Living docu-soap from becoming the new Jordan. POP BITS OUT.

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