Tulisa débuts new single ‘Live It Up’ – Alarm Pop

We felt a little sorry for Tulisa when her first solo effort ‘Young’ was absolutely annihilated by many. OK, it wasn’t the most original song of all time, and that Britain’s Got Talent performance really was indefensible; BUT it had a great summer club feel, and there was a definite sense that the only reason it was being picked on was just because it was Tulisa who was singing it.

We are, however, feeling less enthusiastic about her new single ‘Live It Up’, and we’re struggling to figure out why. Is it the lyrics? Maybe, but words you can sit down and relate to aren’t exactly the point of songs like this. Is it the production? Doubtful; it’s got a catchy beat that gets more toe-tappable with every listen . You know what? We reckon it might be Tulisa herself. We’ve always said she has a stronger voice than she’s given credit for, but on here she just sounds aggressive. It’s like she’ll kill us if we don’t do exactly what she says. But still, maybe the song’s a good old fashioned summer grower. What do you think?

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