Tuesday Tunes: We asked Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan to pick their fave songs and you’ll never believe what they chose

In case you hadn’t noticed, MP! is a teeny bit obsessed with The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, aka Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan. You can read our interview with them by clicking here.


And you can see them take over our Snapchat account here.


Now we’ve roped them into doing a brand new exciting new feature called Tuesday Tunes where we will be bringing you a selection of songs picked by your fave artists, as well as their commentary as to why they chose the songs.

Take it away Dove and Ryan!

Hi guys! We’re Dove and Ryan aka The Girl and the Dreamcatcher and here are our picks for Tuesday Tunes.

Mike Perry – ‘The Ocean’

We love the production and the nostalgia that the specific sounds on this track evoke. We love the message of it and the timbre of the female vocalist.

Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez – ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’

The top-line on this song is absolutely stellar. We love the male falsetto, and we especially love the unison between Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez on the chorus. That’s the kind of sound TGATDC strives for when we make music!

Flume feat. Kai – ‘Never Be Like You’

This song is the perfect hybrid of contemporary pop and dance/electronic. We think Flume is one of the most talented producers out there right now, and absolutely love his music.

Pentatonix – ‘Can’t Sleep Love’

A sect of the music art form that does not get enough praise: Acappella groups.  with their buttery voices and complicated jazz harmonies. They can remain integrous to their format while writing such a catchy pop tune? We’re sold.

Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna – ‘This is What You Came For’

Another heavy-hitter in the world of producers, Calvin Harris just nailed this one. We love Rihanna’s voice in general, but especially on this track. This is one of those songs you listen to as a pop writer and wish you came up with. It’s just genius, and it will not leave our heads no matter how hard we try.

We’ve created a poptastic playlist on Spotify so you guys can listen to all these top tunes together and really get into the mindframe of The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. We’ve also added in the guys’ latest single ‘Make You Stay’ from their debut EP ‘Negatives’, which came out last Friday, as well as our MP! pick from the EP, ‘Cry Wolf’. Spolier alert: IT’S A TUNE!

Tweet us @maximumpop if you’re on side with TGATDC’s picks for Tuesday Tunes and let us know what you think of their EP. In the meantime, happy listening!

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Written by David Farrell

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