Troian is proving she’s a total GIRL BOSS in her new role on ‘PLL’

If there’s one thing we love above all else in the TV world, it’s our ‘PLL‘ ladies. Not only are they majestic, absolutely flawless beings, but they can act and work goddamn hard to produce a pretty epic, hella dramatic series for our enjoyment. They also use their Snapchats a lot (apart from Lucy Hale — shame on you!), giving us the best BTS gossip. And it turns out Troian might be going all Mary Drake on us with a new role. OMG!


Yes, the queens of Snapchat, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson have revealed that Troian is making her debut as a director on none other than ‘PLL’. She’ll be directing Episode 15 of Season 7, which will come a few episodes after the mid-season finale on the 30th August.


We imagine we’ll be seeing it early next year, as ‘PLL’ usually follows the pattern of coming back to our screens in January.

Honestly, it’s going to take a lot for us to be patient about this, especially as we now know the title of the ep Troian has begun directing too: ‘In the Eye Abides the Heart’.

Uh, so freaking exciting! Troian is absolutely smashing it. Not only is she slaying as the fab Spencer Hastings, but she’s now sitting in the director chair too.

Our role models continue to inspire and amaze us with all that they do. Girls are truly awesome. We bet you can’t wait to see Troian slaying in her new role either? Tweet us @maximumpop

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