We’ve found some cute AF Christmas gift ideas from Trendz that we think you’ll love

With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve been doing some serious searching for present ideas when we came across the beauty that is Trendz. We’ve found some super cute accessories that are perfect for you to buy your friends or even ask Santa for yourself.

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Polka Dot Compact Camera Case

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We love this cute camera case! We often take our camera in our handbag, especially when we’re going somewhere exciting and it’s a pain in the bum when we don’t have a case for it or even worse- when the case looks like everyone else’s. So this case is just perfect and solves a lot of issues!

Get it for £9.99

Touch Screen Gloves

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Cold hands aren’t fun but not being able to use your phone because of gloves is also not fun. So it’s a good thing touch screen gloves exist, right? We love these cute gloves that look super wintery and are put to good multiple uses such as keeping our hands warm and letting us use our phone because we’re a little bit addicted to it.

Get them for £9.99

Mini Speaker – Pastel Dot Print

Trendz 3

Sometimes we like to play our playlists for the rest of MP! HQ or just in a sleepover, so this little beauty is perfect to amplify the sounds of 1D and 5SOS and it looks cute AF, too.

Get it for £9.99

Laptop Sleeve (10 inch) – Ditzy Black

trendz 4

We like to keep our laptop as clean as possible and when we have to travel, we like it to be at low risk when it comes to getting damaged. This beaut case is perfect for both jobs and just looks adorable, tbh.

Get it for £9.99

iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s Butterfly Case

trendz 5

There’s not much to say here, except how fricking cute is this case?!

Get it for £9.99

You can find all this plus more at Trendz! Plus make sure you follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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