From real-life wizarding chess to ten feet of foam, it’s all about the little magics!

Mel from Eric Lindstorm’s ‘A Tragic Kind of Wonderful’ needs a small miracle. A bit of magic. Just something to make the grief more bearable. To make life just that little bit easier to deal with.

And the world, both natural and man-made, is full of little magics and miracles. The seemingly impossible is possible. See? –>

1. This golden tortoise beetle legit looks like the golden snitch from Harry Potter. It’s beautiful. And it’s crazy. And looks like it shouldn’t exist. But it does:

2. She fell from the sky. Hit the ground. And lived.

Yep. 22 year old flight attendant, Vesna Vulovic, came down with the plane she was on. And lived to tell the tale. YIKES!

3. The old saving the young.

During the recent nuclear crisis at Fukushima, Japan, a group of skilled pensioners offered their services to help, saying that it should be them who are exposed to the harmful substance rather than the young.

4. Snow in the desert?

Can’t be real, right? Welp, for the first time in nearly 40 years there has been ACTUAL SNOW falling on the Sahara. WUT?!

5. The international space station crew do something… magical?

Ok, maybe not quite magic. But it’s pretty extraordinary that this has reached all the way up there too!

6. You can straight up taste garlic… with your feet.

Now THAT is some kind of crazy magic right there.

7. No snow here… But FOAM?

That’s a real Christmas miracle.

8. Harry Potter wizard chess is a thing. And you can have it.


Which of these is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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