This is the incredibly awkward interview that Harry Styles fans are freaking the ‘eff out over

Awkward doesn’t even cover it

Have you heard? There’s a new gang of detectives in town and tbh they’re putting Scooby Doo and the rest of the Mystery Machine to shame.

Stop you’re chuckling, this is no laughing matter… Well, it is.


As most of you already know, Harry Styles fans are pros at hunting down all the latest gossip surrounding the One Direction singer. We’re no different, of course – you only have to check out the article we wrote about who Harry’s badass new drummer is to see that.

Fans have taken their knack for investigating to new heights recently, though. When Haz released, ‘Carolina’, there was plenty of speculation over who the mystery girl featured in it was. The speculation didn’t last long, however, as you guys found out the lucky lady’s identity in lightening speed.

Golly gosh. Let’s rewind to the beginning of the story, shall we?

Harry first performed ‘Carolina’ on NBC’s Today Show way back in May. It’s a complete belter and you can understand why sooo many fans were keen to find out who Harry was singing about.

Following the performance, Harry revealed to his close pal, Nick Grimshaw, that the girl who ‘Carolina’ is about only found out because her Dad was watching his NBC performance on TV.


If that wasn’t enough to get your heart soaring, then how about this?

When Harry’s ‘Behind The Album’ Apple Music documentary dropped, he revealed that he has seen the mystery girl since writing the song AND her name is actually in the lyrics.


We know, we know. We were shocked too. After all there’s hardly any Kates or Jessicas or Stephanies or Lucys in the lyrics. But, if you look closely there IS a name.

She’s got a family in Carolina
So far away, but she says I remind her of home
Feeling oh so far from home
She never saw herself as a west coaster
Moved all the way ’cause her grandma told her
“Townes, better swim before you drown”

That’s right, Harry’s mystery girl is called Townes – Townes Adair Jones, to be exact. Unsurprisingly, she’s from Carolina and fans have speculated that Harry and Townes met through her sister who’s an actress.

Since the revelation, Townes has remained silent. She’s locked down her social media profiles and we can’t blame her really. Imagine the unexpected attention that ‘Carolina’ must has bought on her. Poor girl.

That hasn’t stopped Townes’ father, though. He’s been very vocal about the song Harry wrote for his daughter.

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Speaking to WYFF News 4, William Townes Jones opened-up about his daughter and Harry’s secret rendezvous and it’s all a bit awkward really. He said:

“We really liked the new album and loved the song ‘Carolina’. The whole family was very flattered that he wrote it and sang it on the Today Show on national TV.”

Fans are freaking the ‘eff out over the interview and we sorta have to agree. Could you imagine your old man going on TV to dish about your secret romance?! Yeah… we can feel the awkward in the air.

This is what fans have been tweeting.

Well… this is perhaps the most awkward Harry Styles interview ever. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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