Watch Ginuwine get his car stolen in Tough Love’s new ‘Pony (Jump On It)’ video.

We’ve already brought you the song, and now it’s time to show you the video. Tough Love and 90s R&B legend Ginuwine have teamed up for a brand new remix of the hit ‘Pony (Jump On  It)’.

Described as a one of a kind release, the new mix of ‘Pony’ sees Tough Love bring the original firmly into the contemporary dance arena and features fresh, updated vocals from Ginuwine.


So what happens in the updated version of the video? Well, two girls steal Ginuwine’s car and take it for a joyride before handing over to their naughty (and quite fit) accomplices Tough Love. The video is full of LA skylines, gorgeous girls, car stunts and even a little bit of Ginuwine dancing.

Tough Love had this to say about the remix and video: “We wanted a video that wasn’t just fun and sexy but also conveyed the story of how the single came about, metaphorically speaking. We steal Ginuwine’s pony (his car), much like we stole borrowed his song. We have fun with the car or rather the girls do, just like we had loads of fun in the making of this record.”

Get ready for the coolest dad dancing you’ve ever seen.

Tough Love and Ginuwine release ‘Pony (Jump On It)’ on August 7.

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