Interview: We chat to Tough Love about Ibiza, Sledgehammers and squirty sun cream.

We have a chit chat with the boys from Tough Love about their new single ‘Pony (Jump On It)’, their fun music videos and squirting people with suncream.

Let’s talk about ‘So Freakin’ Tight’ because it was a smash, it was a huge tune and a fun one aswell. The video is special. We think we know what the track’s about but just incase we’ve misunderstood it, what is it about?

There’s no deep meaning. It does what it says on the tin I think. It’s about a guy looking at a girl or a girl looking at a guy or a guy looking at a guy or a girl looking at a girl and just being like ‘you’re pretty hot, I’d like to get down with that’.

There’s a lyric that says ‘every single day, every single night’. That’s a bit unrealistic isn’t it? Is that possible?

It’s possible. I’m sure it’s possible. Until you’re married it’s possible. But then you can still be married and make that possible.

It’s a lot to ask but some people are probably down for it, that’s fair enough. Now the video, there’s a lot in it where a guy’s squirting a lot of suncream on various people which is pretty special. Have you ever done that prank where somebody’s asleep and then you draw suncream on them?


What did you draw on them?

I’m not sure if we can say them sorts of things. Maybe just a few squiggles. The best one is obviously where you put some on their hand and then tickle their nose or eye and they rub their eyelid and their rubbing toothpaste all over their eye or something.

Does anything like that happen when you two are about?

We’re quite sensible but it depends how many people are on tour with us. If our friends are on tour with us then yeah but to be honest I think we’re so tired after gigs that we kind of leave each other alone. We become dads really, you don’t want to mess around with us or you get told off. It’s best to avoid us.

The new track ‘Pony (Jump On It)’ featuring a bit of a legend, Ginuwine?

An absolute legend!

Have you guys met up and hung out?

We have. He re-recorded the whole record for us so we hung for a day in the studio and did all that and then spent a few days with him in LA and got to know him a bit better and we talk pretty much every week now on the phone which is quite surreal.

Have you got a WhatsApp group?

We have! We’ve got a WhatsApp group. We were saying the other day it’s so weird cos we go through our WhatsApps and see so many people and we never thought that would happen. You’re just like, ‘how did they get in there?’ and when they call you ‘Bro’ you’re like ‘I’m in’.

What kind of stuff do you put on the WhatsApp group? Is it little gifs of weird pugs?

Do you know what we did the other day? Ginuwine’s real name is Elgin and we went past Elgin Road and we took a picture of it and sent it to him and he was like ‘I’m buying everything there’ so he quite liked that. It’s still early days before we can really, really let loose. There’s definitely worse groups going on in the world.

Do you still have a think about what messages you put? Do you ever quickly delete them?

Yeah. The only time when we don’t edit anything is when we send it to our manager because you can deal with that afterwards. He has to deal with it.

‘Pony”s another banger, isn’t it? Another massive summer hit. Have you been to a club yet where either you’ve played it or somebody else has played it on the dance floor?

Yeah, well, both that one and ‘So Freakin’ Tight’ we made about two years ago so we’ve played them pretty much non-stop for the last two years and obviously as the promo builds up, people on the dance floor know them better and the reaction’s been amazing, so this summer we noticed that ‘Pony”s starting to spike. I think we were really surprised because ‘So Freakin’ Tight’ was our first major crossover single and when it got to the point of when the record came out and we were dropping it and the whole crowd was singing the whole record back, it was weird for us because we never made it with that intention and it’s getting to that stage again now with ‘Pony’ already. It’s quite cool. We still think it’s mad when we’re in a supermarket and you’ll just hear it blaring and you’re just like ‘where’s that coming from?’

What’s the best dance move you’ve seen someone do to one of your tracks?

There’s been a few! I saw a guy trying to do a worm in Sankeys last week. That’s not a good idea in a pitch black club, that’s dangerous.

You need a bit of space or you’re going to hit somebody in the face.

Yeah, definitely. That was quite good though. There was a dance off in Magaluf last week which was quite good. There was literally like 3,000 people and we were looking down and you could see in the middle they’d made a circle and they were having a dance off in there. I’m sure there was a guy from American Pie there, the first one. He had his top off and was giving it a bit of action between the legs.

We like your videos because they’re fun, we feel like you just get in a room and say ‘what are all the fun things we can do?’

That’s pretty much what happens. They send all these treatments and we’re like ‘that’s boring, that’s boring, that’s boring, that one’s quite fun’ and then we mash them together and then with ‘Pony’, the first 10 treatments they sent us were being shot in London or Brighton, then there was one being shot in LA and we were just like ‘we’re doing that one’.

With an awesome fast car and two very beautiful ladies. You guys play mechanics in it. Are you any good at D.I.Y. in general?

We’re alright, not bad. My dad was a builder by trade so obviously I had no choice in my teens, that was what I had to do.

What’s the best thing you’ve built from scratch?

Literally a house. I was really good at demolishing things. I used to hate clearing things up afterwards but that’s part of the trade.

Have you ever been to a sledgehammer party?

No, we’re not Wreck-It Ralph.


Our plug at home is blocked and we’ve undone it but we dropped something down in and now it’s blocked. How would we resolve that?

You need get a U-Bend.

Let’s talk about your Kiss show as well. Sell your show to us for those who haven’t heard it before…

It’s just all our favourite house records that we love to play, really. It’s nice because when we do our live sets as Tough Love, we play mostly our own material so when we get to do our Kiss show we’re able to support all the guys that we’re really rating in the scene at the moment and give them as much airtime as possible, that’s quite important to us.

Is there anybody you’d like to shout out right now? Who are you loving at the minute?

All the Get Twisted Records family. All the guys on our label. A lot of the guys at Kiss don’t get enough credit, either. Majestic’s got some massive records at the moment. We’re a nice family here now, we like to try and look after each other and play each other’s stuff.

You’re off to Ibiza soon as well. What’s the Tough Love live set like for those of us going that haven’t been before?

We never plan anything so it changes. We’ve done four Ibiza shows every week and none of them have been the same. We make lots of edits, we have a lot of fun. It depends on our set time, last week we played 5-6:30am which was quite a late one. We played after Todd Terry who’s an absolute legend so you can’t really compete with him. We played quite hard to start with, really big and bouncy and then end up finishing on some garage classics, wherever the crowd takes us.

Have you ever thought of squirting sun cream over the crowd as a little salute to ‘So Freakin’ Tight’?

Maybe we’ll do that this week. We’ll do that, we’ve got a massive super soaker, we’ll go to town.

They can’t complain either, you’re helping them. What’s for the rest of the summer after Ibiza?

Loads. Our touring schedule’s manic at the minute. We’ve got some random ones in Lithuania and Norway, ones where we have no idea what to expect so we’re looking forward to them. Some headline shows at HD Fest, SW4, lots of festivals which are good fun.

New single, Pony (Jump On It) ft Ginuwine out August 7.
Hear Tough Love on KISS FM Friday’s 12am-1am and on KISS FRESH Sunday’s from 9pm-10pm.

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