Your reviews! MP! book club – Touch Of Power by Maria V. Snyder

As part of the first ever MP! Book Club, we asked you lot to read the brand new supernatural novel from Maria V. Snyder – Touch Of Power!

5 lucky MP!ers are going to kick start the book club with their expert reviews – then don’t forget to leave your comments below to tell us what YOU thought of the characters, story and more!
Name: Jess Montague
Age: 16
What did you like?: Whilst reading the book I found myself being drawn to the characters and becoming attached to their journeys throughout the book.
What didn’t you like?: Some parts of the book were a little bit predictable.
Recommend to a friend?: Yes, definitely.

Name: Rachel Jones
Age: 15
What did you like?: I loved everything about Touch Of Power. The plot was so good and just made me want to keep on reading. All the characters were so well thought into and I really felt like I was in the story!
What didn’t you like?: I didn’t not like anything (like seriously!)
Recommend to a friend?: Yes and I already have told some of them.

Name:Tyler Damara
What did you like?:
 I liked that Touch Of Power is a book that makes you feel like you’re a part of a fantasy world. You feel you are a part of everything that happens and like you can relate to all the characters and know exactly what they’re going through. There are so many unexpected twists, that you can never predict what will happen next. The book takes you on a journey and makes you feel like you are on a rollercoaster with many different ups and downs. There is also a shock ending which makes you anticipate the next book in the series.
What didn’t you like?:
 I didn’t like that the book was so hard to put down. I guess that could also be a good thing, but I ended up spending a day reading the book instead of doing college work.
Recommend to a friend?:
 I would definitely recommend this book to a friend, because I think that whatever type of books you’re into, you can find some sort of attraction from the book.

Name: Jade Maiden
Age: 17
What did you like?: I loved that the author had created such an original and unique world, and loved that Kerrick and Avry finally got together in the end. I also liked the diversity of characters, and loved the family unit that the boys had been able to create.
What didn’t you like?: The only thing I didn’t like about Touch Of Power was when Flea died, and when I thought Avry was going to die, I cried for ages.
Recommend to a friend?: I would definitely tell a friend to read Touch Of Power, and have already recommended it to some of them. I can’t wait for the next novel to be published.

Name: Becca Lever
Age: 15
What did you like?: I like all the action in the book and how when I started reading it I couldn’t put the book down. Also I like all the characters, they’re amazing!
What didn’t you like?: I didn’t like it when Flea died, I nearly cried.
Recommend to a friend?: Yes I would definitely recommend it to my friends!

Agree with the reviews above? Disagree? Tell us what you thought of Touch Of Power’s characters, twists and turns and the cliffhanger ending in the comments below…

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