Our top 10 Jack & Jack Vines – Hilariously funny and really relatable!

Jack & Jack are two very attractive boys on Vine who are shooting to fame through six second clips on the popular video making app. We have laughed ourselves to tears and swooned over these two, so we’ve picked ten of our favourite vines by the troublesome twosome.

Literally gave us the giggles

Not knowing where the spider is = one of our worst nightmares

We always had that teacher -_-

So that’s where Justin’s swag came from!

Next time we go in the ocean with friends, we are totes doing this.

We were very close to wetting ourselves when we saw this. LOL.

Friend vs best friend = the accuracy levels are high

We’re felt the exact same

We still cringe over our email mrstroyboltonoxo

Our teacher’s phone went off once and it was heavy rap. Was weird because she was in her mid-forties and looked like she was into classical…

So there you have it! Our favourite Jack&Jack vines! What are yours? Comment below!

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