ICYMI: 5 unmissable moments from the VMAs that you need to see right now.

Award shows always have something interesting happen during them, right? Well, there were definitely a few OMG moments from the VMAs last night that we just have to share with you if you were unable to watch the star studded event.

Nicki Minaj ignites feud LIVE on stage with Miley Cyrus 


After speaking to the press recently about the Taylor-Nicki Twitter spat, Miley earned herself a bit of a roasting from Miss Minaj at the end of her acceptance speech. Miley tried to brush it off by making out the tabloids twisted her words, but it looks like Nicki wasn’t buying it. Me-OW.



In a lengthy speech for his Vanguard Award which included his apology to Taylor Swift for his outburst 6 years ago (which he still thinks about a lot), his lack of understanding of award shows and more, Kanye announced he plans to run for president in 2020. He also said he had smoked some sort of substance before his speech, so whether he actually will run for president is another thing, but it’s Kanye, so we shouldn’t be surprised!

Justin Bieber gets emotional at the end of his performance 

justin crying

After performing a mashup of ‘Where Are U Now’ and ‘What Do You Mean’, Justin got a tad emotional as the crowd went wild. Some drama lamas claim it was because ex girlfriend Selena Gomez was in the crowd, but we think he found the support from the audience and his fans overwhelming. Either that or he was absolutely knackered and just wanted to have a lie down. That would be us, tbh.

Miley played peek-a-boob

Miley Cyrus nip slip

Despite wearing some pretty whacky costumes throughout presenting, it was Miley’s nipslip that got everyone talking. Come on, people, it’s just an organic milk bag. Surely there’s something else we can talk about? Like how she got her LGBT+ friends from the Happy Hippie Foundation to announce her surprise performance of her new single?

Happy Hippie

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj perform together


You know the feud Miley was talking about in the press? (the one between Taylor and Nicki which Milerz stuck her bib in and then managed to start a new feud with Nicki) Well, Tay Tay and Miss Minaj buried the hatchet when Nicki surprised us with Miss Swift as her special guest during her opening performance. They even sang a bit of ‘Bad Blood’ for the lolz and irony.

What. A. Night. We think Frankie Grande pretty much sums up our reactions in this vine.

What was your favourite moment of the VMAs? Tweet us @maximumpop and let’s relive the night together.

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