Top 20 ‘Larry’ Moments

Angie (@louislovesniall) from @1DLarryNews share with us the best ‘Larry’ Moments.

20. “You look lovely tonight Louis”

19. “Even as young as you are” “Yeah” ?*Looks at eachother*

18. “And all his little things”

17. When Louis changed the lyrics to “Jealous lovers undercover on the street”

16. “Who is your dream valentine?” “If you could have anyone in the world.” “You.” “Thanks mate.” “You two are so cute” “Thanks”

15. Niall to Harry: “What were we doing yesterday” Louis: “Trying to walk”

14. “And I’d marry you Harry”

13. When Harry confirmed ‘Larry’ oh my

12. “Now kiss me you fool”

11. “Where do you want to sit?” “Next to you.”

10. Let’s talk about when Louis was asked what the most romantic thing hes done for his partner and he answered saying it was the first meal he ever cooked which was with Harry :D

9. “Cause I can’t compete with MY boyfriend”

8. Oh! Let’s not forget the second most retweeted tweet on Twitter!

7. “My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson”

6. “May I have this dance Mr.Styles?”



5. Louis tickling Harry oh my…

4.The ‘Larry’ hug they thought no one saw

Let’s just add a close up of it cause I can :p

3. When Louis and Harry barley knew eachother yet during the best moment of their life they hugged eachother #JustFriendsHuh

2. The ‘Larry’ hug at the VMAs in 2012

1.When Louis stopped playing with Harry’s face so Harry nudged his hand to make him keep going

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