Every One Direction song is truly a jam, but which have earned the role as best-selling?

A list has recently been released containing One Direction’s top 10 best selling singles, and it’s truly not hard to believe. Many of our faves are not in this top ten, however, because the songs had to be singles to be included.

10: Night Changes

Released off ‘Four’, coming in at number 10 is ‘Night Changes’ which has over 40,000 copies sold. The video for the single has over 133,000,000+ views, and was the last single and music video released with Zayn included.

9: One Thing

A little throwback to fetus 1D, ‘One Thing’ ranks at number 9. Feeling nostalgic yet? We are.


8: Kiss You

Baby I’ll take you there, take you there, baby I’ll take you to number 8 on our top 10 which is ‘Kiss You’! Off of their second album ‘Take Me Home’, it’s so good it’s still on the setlist.


7: Steal My Girl

‘Steal My Girl’ hit number 3 on the UK charts in 2014, and lands in our lucky number 7 spot. Even though it’s number 7 on this list, it’s number 1 on our wackiest music videos one.

Steal My Girl x

6: Live While We’re Young

Number 6 in our charts but number 1 in our hearts, ‘Live While We’re Young’ also hit number 3 on the UK charts. Also, can we just take a moment to remember Harry in a wet, white tee shirt?

one direction live while were young cover

5: Best Song Ever

Down to our top 5, ‘Best Song Ever’ took us by surprise back in 2013. It peaked to number two on the UK charts, and sold over 406,000 copies! Even though it’s not number 1, it is always the BEST SONG EVER!


4: One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)

As both a cover, medley, AND a charity single, ‘One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) ‘ clocks in at number 4 with over 505,000 copies sold. The music video features the boys in Ghana playing with children, and giving back amongst all their success!


3: Little Things

Thanks to the man, Ed Sheeran, ‘Little Things’ comes in at number 3. It is also still on the OTRA setlist, and has become a staple to many of their concerts because of the phone flashlights throughout the stadiums. It is also one of the slower songs on our countdown.

one direction little things single cover

2: Story of My Life

If you’re not first, you’re last, right? Wrong. ‘Story of My Life’ is our number 2 single with 519,000 copies sold.


1: What Makes You Beautiful

What did you expect? ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ comes in at number 1, being the boys first and most popular single ever. They are singlehandedly known by all parents as the boys that sing ‘WMYB’ and we’re okay with that.

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