Tom Ford have 3 new lipstick shades: Malik, Louis and Liam – we’ve come up with colours for Narry.

Clearly Tom Ford are 1D AF because in their new collection of men’s names for lipstick shades, they have 3/5 of (past and) present members of 1D! Liam and Louis were a bit of a give away but once we saw Malik it was a no brainer that they were clearly blasting ‘Made in the A.M‘ when coming up with the shade names.

kiss print

Here’s what they look like….

Louis Tom Ford Malik Tom Ford Liam tom ford

Well, they’re bloody beautiful, aren’t they? We’re a bit miffed that Narry didn’t get offered a colour, so we created some for them…

Harry Tom Ford

This sexy red/bronze colour is obvs Harry because with his mature sense of style and love for fashion, we felt this colour fitted his name perfectly.

Niall Tom Ford

To keep Malik company, we’d call this gorgeous deep pink ‘Horan’. Niall is loveable and someone who would shower you with his attention and passion and we feel this shade shows that off rather nicely.

You can get the other three existing colours here.

What do you think, then? Love the lipsticks? Think our shades should be included? Tweet us @maximumpop while we go write to Tom Ford with our ideas.

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