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Tom Felton just proved he is still a true Potterhead and we’re 100% sure his father will hear about this!

Slytherin’s keep on snakin’

“Everyone loves a rebel, Harry”

Those immortal words may have been uttered by despicably tenacious ‘Harry Potter’ journo Rita Skeeter, but they definitely ring true. And when it comes to the wizarding world, there is one bad boy we all love to hate.

Draco Malfoy was the unspoken hottie of the Potterverse. Heck, even Emma Watson who played prim and righteous Hermione in the series, had a secret crush on Draco actor Tom Felton.

And that’s why it makes us so happy to see that Tom Felton is still embracing his character even 6 years after the film series has ended, and he’s still repping Slytherin after all these years.

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Tom attended a special screening of ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ in Vancouver this weekend with his current co-star from ‘The Flash’, Jesse L. Martin, and we couldn’t help noticing that Tom seemed to have recruited Martin for the Slytherin cause.

Yeah we did @chrisc1492

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We actually adore it when ‘Harry Potter’ actors show their dedication to the series. We pretty much lost all our shit when Evanna Lynch, who played loopy Luna Lovegood, made vegan ‘Harry Potter’ recipes in this video for PETA2.

Just goes to show that even 16 years after ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ came out, everyone is still head over heels for ‘HP’.

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