MP! Guide: 5 top tips and tricks to win tickets to Apple Music Festival

It’s that time for year when the Apple Music Festival aka iTunes Fest comes around and we all go crazy because it’s free! Nobody would ever say no to a free gig.


The line-up is a bit different from usual, there’s a bit of Elton John, Britney Spears, Bastille and The 1975. Something for everyone! Here’s the line-up with our best tips and tricks to getting yourself at the shows.


1) Only enter the shows you really want to go to. Apple will only allow you to win 5 pairs of tickets across the whole festival, so if you enter them all it’s likely you’ll be stuck with a pants one you didn’t even want to go to.
2) Get friends and family involved! If there’s someone you’re dying to see live and they don’t mind tagging along with you, get them to enter the comp too.
3) Keep up with the headliners and support acts on social media. Typically both of them will be giving away a small portion of tickets, so to increase your chances of seeing them, make sure you’re staying up to date with their posts.
4) Enter with other websites. Apple isn’t the only company giving away tickets. You can also enter with DICE, The Evening Standard and Global Radio. There’s also probs some others too if you look around!
5) You can get in without tickets. Ok, so say you didn’t win tickets but you’re not giving up without a fight. There is a queue for non-ticket holders but you’re not guaranteed entry. You’ll have to get queuing hours before the doors open and watch all the ticket holders go in and then maybe, just maybe they’ll let you in around 8/9PM if there is room.


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