Tinchy Talks to MP! New single ‘Help Me’, Cover Drive, headphones

Words by Jon G

After a long wait and a lot of free “lemonade”, MP! grabbed a few minutes with the main man of the evening…

So Tinchy, brilliant performance tonight!
Thank you.

How was it performing high above London with these amazing views?
Wicked, I feel like I was on cloud nine!

Can you see your ends from up here?
I’ve tried but I can’t. It’s hard, there are a lot of tall buildings and in Bow the buildings ain’t high enough to see from here but I can see where I am!

So you have your own headphones – amazing! How are you feeling?
I’m feeling good, music’s my first love so I had to make sure the sound quality was good enough and I got that so I’m lovin’ it.

Who is your favourite member of Little Mix?
[Pause] Would I be rude if I said I didn’t know their names?!

Not really.
I like Little Mix and what they do.

Have you caught up with Cover Drive this evening, and would you collaborate with them?
Yeah man, I like them, I like what they do. Definitely if we can, one day. Sooner rather than later!

It was amazing seeing you perform with Amelle tonight. Will you be working together on her album?
Amelle’s a cool, lovely girl and we get along, we stay in touch and if she ever reached out to me to feature on a record, I’d do it. I like Amelle, she’s cool.

What was your inspiration for the headphones?
I always try to venture out and try different things and when they asked me I felt like, yeah, I make music, that’s my first love. Headphones, you hear music through them, so there was no doubts! It looks cool, I was down!

What does the rest of the year hold for you?
I’ve got a single coming out in mid-August called ‘Help Me’.

What do you need help with?
I’m saying, I’m about to cause like a rainstorm; help me cos I’m about to cause madness!

You’re about to cause madness? Why would you want to do that, Tinchy?
‘Cos it’s that time again! I’ve caused madness before and I’ll cause it again. It’s all good.

Thank you for talking with Maximum Pop, Tinchy!
Thank you, bro!

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