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Tina Fey says that Selena Gomez is “so sweet.” We wish we knew her well enough to know.

Comedian, actress and bae Tina Fey has been singing Selena Gomez‘s praises, telling how the star is “so sweet” and “normal.” Now we’re just depressed because we’re not her bffl.


We’re pretty normal too, you know Sel?

Speaking to radio legend Howard Stern on Sirius XM, Tina said: “I’m such small potatoes at that thing. You know it’s a crazy party when you look around and go, ‘Oh, here’s someone normal I can talk to—Selena Gomez.’ And she‘s so sweet. We share a make-up artist sometimes. That’s why we look so much alike.”

Of course, Tina, you could be sisters.

Have you met Selena? Is she just as sweet as Tina says? Let us know at @maximumpop.

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