Time Travel: The Next Big Thing in YA?

Over the last couple of weeks while we’ve been merrily devouring our TBR pile, we’ve noticed a bit of a trend. There’s time travel everywhere! We’ve already read some YA novels featuring time travel so far in 2016 and it looks like there’s more to come!


There’s a timeless appeal (HA!) to time travel that makes it the perfect element for a high stakes YA novel in our opinion: the danger! The possibilities! The potential heartbreak! The life-savingness!

Here a few 2016 releases starring time-travel.

passenger‘Passenger’ by Alexandra Bracken (7th April)

Alexandra Bracken is a big name in the US so we were super excited to see that Quercus are bringing her new series that starts with ‘Passenger’ across the Atlantic.

Etta loses everything she knows and loves in one night when she is thrown not just from her home, but also from her time. She lands on a ship captained by Nicholas Carter who is escaping from the servitude of a powerful family, the Ironwoods. But the Ironwoods believe Etta knows how to find a valuable object that was stolen from them. Etta and Nicholas embark on a dangerous journey across the seas, piecing together clues left behind by the traveller desperate to keep the stolen object from the Ironwoods.

thegirlfromeverywhere‘The Girl From Everywhere’ by Heidi Heilig (3rd March)

Nix Song is sixteen-years-old. And she’s a time traveller. Nix, along with her father and their crew, live aboard The Temptation, a pirate ship crammed full of treasures. They use old maps that allow them to travel to distant lands and distant times – but the map will only take you once. Nix’s dad is focused on one place, one map: Honolulu in 1868, when Nix’s mother was still alive and wasn’t yet born. It all puts Nix in a rather tricky position – what if it causes her to no longer exist?

We are a little bit dying to get stuck into this one. Plus, this cover is just completely gorgeous.

thelovethatsplittheworld‘The Love That Split the World’ by Emily Henry 

We have to confess that it was the stunningly beautiful cover that drew us to Emily Henry’s debut. Then we read a chapter sample and promptly ordered in a copy.

It’s Natalie’s last summer in her Kentucky home town before she escapes for college and she wants it to be the best ever. But then the spirit that visited her as a child returns and tells her that she has three months to save him. Natalie has no idea who he is and what she needs to do until she meets a beautiful boy called Beau under the lights of the high school football field. It’s as if Natalie and Beau are the only people in the world.

the square root of summer
‘The Square Root of Summer’ by Harriet Reuter Hapgood (5th May)

Harriet’s debut isn’t out until May, but we’re were super lucky to get to read a really early proof and it’s so brilliant. It’s a heady summer romance about physics, loss and family.

Gottie’s life fell apart last summer when her grandfather Grey died and her secret boyfriend wouldn’t even hold her hand at the funeral. This summer, Gottie is still reeling and burying herself in physics. Until her old next door neighbour and best friend, Thomas, comes home. Gottie’s world turns upside down again as time starts to slip and she finds herself back in last summer, back to what she should have seen the first time around.

Do you think time travel could be the next big thing? Discuss with us @maximumpopbooks!

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