Why starting back at school isn’t as horrible as we think

September a.k.a. the month of DREAD, a.k.a. buh-bye Summer, a.k.a. School. No one really likes having to give up the summer hols and go back to that place again.


And in ‘Time for Jas’ Bluebell et al are back and doing exactly that. A new year, a new you? Well, maybe, but Jas isn’t have the best time of it. But here’s all the reasons why going back to school really isn’t as dreadful as you think…

1. Friends! The obvious. Duh. You’ve probably seen a few of them over the break, but it’s not the same as suffering through the same timetable together five days a week. That’s where a real friendship is made for life.


2. Learning! Ok, so not everyone has an academic head. But there are all kinds of lessons you learn while at school, more than the subjects on the front of your books. Life lessons, social experiences, discoveries of the self. It’s all happening at once. #intense


3. Structure! Sure, sure, break the chains. Think out of the box. Nobody puts Baby in a corner. But there is something comforting about structure too. It makes it easier for your brain to process the the more important stuff.


4. New stuff! Part of the joy of going back is getting kitted out with brand spanking new gear. Hours can be, and should be, spent picking out the right backpack. That one pencil case that screams “this is me, this is who I am”. Cute socks. The one travel mug to rule them all. It’s gotta be done. #swag


5. A fresh start! Where else do you get to hit the refresh button a few times a year? A new term means a new beginning. For the most part the slate is wiped clean and you’re good to go.


6. Clubs!


No, not those kinds of clubs. But the extra-curricular kind. Sports, books, languages. Whatever tickles your fancy.

7. Success! The new term means that you’ve progressed forward. You’ve achieved something, and that sense of movement is healthy. It’s good to have goals, and to be working towards them.


8. Banter! There is no banter like back-to-school banter. Truth.


And really, it will be October half-term before you know it and by then you’re so adjusted that you’re practically done for the year.

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And hey, you can grab your copy of ‘Time for Jas’ right here. Neat!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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