Throwback Thursday: Dan Howell’s best GIFs

After last week’s #TBT on our fave pineapple Caspar Lee, it seemed only right to dedicate the next one to the man who made the stellar comparison in the first place. And that of course can only be none other than Mr Dan Howell, otherwise known as ‘danisnotonfire’ on the interwebz, or one half of Phan. That is, Dan and Phil.


To commemorate the awesomeness that is Dan and his #Relatable, existential content, we decided it was only right to compile some of the best reactionary GIFs for your perusing. Here goes nothing…

When you’re asked the dreaded ‘What’re you doing with your life?’ question and in your head you’re just asking yourself:


But also this:


When someone let one go, but you gotta act normal for fear of getting the blame:


When 1D comes on in a public place and you’re trying to act normal even though you are absolutely LOSING YOUR SH*T inside:

giphy (1)

When you put matching underwear on in the morning and feel like an absolute boss:

giphy (2)

When exam season is nigh and you haven’t started revision yet:


When your fave YouTuber uploads a surprise extra video and you weren’t even a little bit ready:


When your fave does anything, tbh. Like even when they just breathe:


And finally, when you’re going about your exciting day to day life:


See what we mean about being relatable? We love Dan with a burning passion and feel like we could be pretty awesome pals, so hit us up whenever you like, Dan!

Will you be using some of these amazeballs GIFs in your social media lives? And who do you think should be next for our throwback YouTuber edition next week? We reckon the answer is pretty obvious, but give us a tweet @maximumpop anyway!

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