What scenes do we most want to see in the upcoming Sarah J Mass, ‘Throne of Glass’ colouring book

Bloomsbury have announced that, in September 2016, they will be releasing a colouring book based on Sarah J Maas’ ‘Throne of Glass’ series. Well, we love Sarah J Maas and we love colouring books – we can hardly think of anything better than combining the two.


We know this is the perfect series to turn your colouring pencils to, there are so many scenes we can already imagine as gorgeous full-page spreads. We thought we’d take to Twitter to see which ones you were really hoping to see.

Some of you had particular characters you wanted to see …one name kept popping up!

Then there were requests for details of Aelin, like the scars on her back.

Others were all for their ships finally being immortalised in more than just fan art.

There were, of course, requests for Fleetfoot the puppy.

Now, I wonder what shade you would colour in the red desert…

There seems to be an unending amount of great things this book might include. So we think we will have to agree with this final tweet. This would do very nicely.

Any more you want to add? Catch us over on the MP! books twitter account @maximumpopbooks

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