WATCH: Move over BBC dad, THIS is what happens when a mum gets interrupted

Anything you can do, she can do better!

People making fools of themselves on live telly is like the best thing since sliced bread.

So when this woman gets RUDELY interrupted during a hella important political Q&A we were left flabbergasted by her multitasking skills. It’s the LOL video you needed in your life today. 

If you thought this first guy was funny, who essentially has his kids ninja’d from the room…

…then this lady is literally SUPERWOMAN! It’s the best spoof we’ve seen in AGES and we’re living for it:

She maximises her time in a way that we should all be jealous of. This woman can, and will, and we’re not even half as productive. We just sat over here in our PJs watching Netflix like…

Enjoy yo’ day MP! peeps, now that we’ve made it that little bit brighter. ALL HAIL INTERNET LOLS!

Taking that perf selfie, cooking a vegan Harry Potter meal… What OTT thing would YOU be doing in this video?  

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Written by Sarah Clare

Sarah is the Lead Writer and Design Queen here at Maximum Pop! Sarah holds an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University, and a BA in Creative Writing with English Literature from Marjon (BIG UP THE MARJON MASSIVE!). Sarah joined MP! after seeing an advertisement for writers on Instagram – because where else would a design master find their dream job?

Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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