What could possibly make anyone happier than secret book post with copies of Estelle Laure’s ‘This Raging Light’?

In the run up to Christmas, Santas – both secret and red, jolly and rambunctious – were giving the gift of books. As were we here at Maximum Pop! We surprised all our lovely readers who took part in the #MP!SecretSanta with an extra special book of their own, a special proof copy of ‘The Raging Light’ by Estelle Laure.

‘This Raging Light’ is the story of Lucille, who, despite being only 17, years old – has suddenly become the only person left to look after her 9-year old sister – definitely not time to be falling in love with your best friend’s brother.

This is a book that will make you feel all the things, and a book full of the importance of random acts of kindness. And, well, we thought, what be kinder than to give people copies?

You were all clearly as excited to read this as we were, as twitter quickly exploded in the hashtag #RagingKindness and pictures of this gorgeous book.

Yes, we know. Surprise books are definitely the best books, we endeavour to always provide you with unexpected and wonderful stories.

The love for ‘This Raging Light’ didn’t stop there though. There was also THE BEST EVER POEM!

Some of you noticed that the book actually had the title hidden in there in special shininess, just waiting to catch the light.

Finally, let’s all read this amazingly cute blog post from Jess over on Paper Utopia. She talks about her entire experience with buying a book for her #MP!SecretSanta, receiving on specially picked out present, and getting a final, surprise copy of ‘This Raging Light’ as well.

We hope you all loved receiving them and are now loving reading them.

It definitely helped share the Christmas love!

Tell us what you think of ‘This Raging Light’. Tweet us at @maximumpopbooks.

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