This magical Hall Of Hogwarts collection is every muggle-come-wizard’s DREAM come true

The leggings are our *actual* Patronus

Harry Potter fans are never short of new merch to splurge on. From bookish handbags to wizard makeup brushes, we can’t turn a millimetre without seeing something new we want.

Basically, our Gringotts accounts are cursed for infinity, AND THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. Sorry about that, but the truth hurts…sometimes. Okay, maybe not on this occasion.

With that in mind, the team here at MP! are really sorry (and by sorry we basically mean really bloody excited) to have to tell you about a whole new collection of Potter apparel that you can invest in. OHHH YEEEEAAAAH. 

This time, it’s by Australian clothing brand Black Milk, and it’s legit every muggle-come-wizard’s dream!

So, where do we begin?

First up, it’s called Hall of Hogwarts, and there are 20 pieces in it.


Halls of Hogwarts is LIVE! Shop the magic in our bio link ⚡ #blackmilkclothing #blackmilk

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These scoop-neck skater dresses, which we’re pretty much obsessed with.

Don’t worry Hufflepuff, there’s one for you too!

Each dress features a Hogwarts house crest, and can be dressed up or down. We love how this Instagrammer layered up her dress. Perfect for the colder months… or the gloomy UK weather….or any kind of weather, tbf.

But what if (by some weird twist of fate) you don’t fit into a house?

Maybe you’re part-Gryffindor, part-Ravenclaw and just can’t decide between the two? Well, the collection also features this AMAZING inside out dress. And, yes, it’s actually reversible.

On one side…

It’s a scene from the Great Lake.

And on the other…

It’s the Great Hall! SO COOL.

There’s also…

A reversible Marauder’s Map dress!


A matching pair of leggings! They are Dobby and Dumbledore approved, of course.

Not into dresses?

10 points to Gryffindor! @jooojyfruit #blackmilkclothing #blackmilk #bmgryffindortouchdown

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There’s still plenty more in the collection. How about these seeker shirts? There’s one for each house.

They look amazing…

And are major #squadgoals.

The collection can be purchased from Black Milk’s website. Prices start at £34 for sale items, and if you ask us, it’s worth every penny!

Let us know your favourite piece from the range in the comments below.

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