This is the moment when Alessia Cara graduated to the big league and we couldn’t be more proud


We all know when someone hits that button on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Wheel of Musical Impressions’ it’s gonna be something special, but when Alessia Cara slammed her hand down we had NO IDEA just HOW special it was gonna be.

This is legit a defining moment, because sure, we know she has an amaze voice, but maybe we didn’t quite realise how versatile those pipes were. Move over Ariana, Alessia might have just taken your ‘Musical Impressions’ crown. 

The bar is set pretty high, and you’ll have your op to vote for your fave at the end. But who can forget Demi Levato slaying it as Cher and Fetty Wap? To then top it all off with a totally killer rendition of ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ as Christina Aguilera, no less…

And then Celine Dion happened. We’re still not entirely sure what was going on with that Rihanna impression, but you know, she gave it her all and her energy is legitimately infectious:

But then there’s Ariana Grande. No one could ever beat this, right? Because not only does she manage to tonally match Britney Spears she does a Christina Aguilera better than Christina Aguilera. Then to really hammer the last nail in the coffin Ariana smashes Celine Dion, avec iconic gestures, and it’s literally perfection.

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Hold up a second though, because Alessia Cara has just changed the game. And sorry, Ariana, but she takes you on first and if you close your eyes… It’s actually difficult to tell the difference. Try it:

Add to that the fun Nicki Minaj she does (complete with her expressions and quirks) and the true to life Lorde and BAM. We’re calling it. She’s just taken first place on ‘Wheel of Musical Impressions’, proving that not only can she work it in her own style, but she can kill it as someone else too. Who can top her performance?

You don’t have to agree with us. Vote for YOUR fave right here:

Ariana or Alessia? Which is your fave ‘Musical Impressions’ moment? Tell us in the comments! 


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